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Medieval and Tudor Musicians

Caliban's Dream are a trio of virtuoso musicians with a passion for Medieval and Tudor music. Between them they play an exotic array of authentic early instruments which include: Hurdy gurdy, Bagpipes, Gothic Harp, Recorders, Pipe and Tabor, Pipe and Salterio, Shawms, Cittern, Citole, Percussion.


The members of Caliban’s Dream each have many years of experience performing, touring and teaching both in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia and are considered to be amongst the best in their field.


  "Superb, I absolutely love your music"

Alan Lee, Artistic Director,

Lord of the Rings Trilogy


" Thank you, you made my wedding aniversary special"

Lord Mayor of London

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photo Brian Skilton

photo Brian Skilton

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Medieval and Tudor Musicians

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Clients and venues include: HBO movies, EMI records, National Trust, English Heritage, Channel 5 television, Banqueting House Whitehall, Viking Festivals Sarpsborg, Gudvangen & Borre Norway, Ayia Napa Medieval Festival Cyprus, Downpatrick Opera Festival Ireland, Waterford Festival Ireland, Dordrecht History Festival Holland, Archeon History Park Holland, Ways with Words Literary Festival Dartington, Swaledale Festival, Beautiful Days Festival Devon, Fairfield Hall, London

We aim to add that extra touch of magic to your event - please feel free to contact us if you require further information or have any special requests for songs or dances

email: [email protected]

Hear more music on our music page or watch us on our video page!