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Medieval and Tudor Musicians

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The musicians of Caliban's Dream also perform with concert ensemble 'Daughters of Elvin' , below is their CD Galdrbok. It features singers Jennnie Cassidy and Sophie Brumfitt, dulcimer, percussion Dhevdhas Nair, bass viol Mike Edwards, recorders, bagpipes Katy Marchant, hurdy gurdy, gothic harp Steve Tyler.

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Ondas do mar de Vigo, 13th century Galician-Portugese

Martin Codax

A chantar m'er de so qu'ie non volria, 12th century French

Comtesse de Die

Domna pos vos ay chausida, 13th century French


Abundance de felonie, early 14th century French

Jehan de Lescurel

Su la Rivera, 14th century Italian

Codex Rossi, Anon

Voulez vous que je vous chant? 13th century French


Mandad ei comigo, 13th century Galician-Portuguese

Martin Codax

Galdrbok, 21st century England

Katy Marchant and Steve Tyler

Horamay che fora son, 15th century Neopolitan


Lamento di Tristano/La Rotta, 14th century Italian


De la grant joie d'amours, early 14th century French

Jehan de Lescurel

Ognor mi trovo, 14th century Italian

Francesco Landini

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