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Workshop Outline

This sample workshop is suitable for up to 30 children and lasts from one to one and a half hours.

KS1 Tudor Workshop

“Absolutely outstanding – a fascinating, informative presentation.The children were enthralled.”
Sue Whyld, Head Teacher, William Gilbert Primary, Duffield

Hear Real Tudor Instruments.

The workshop will begin with a demonstration of some of the instruments including hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, gothic harp, shawm, pipe & tabor and percussion. The music will provide a captivating and evocative introduction to the historical period. Ricardo will then demonstrate some virtuoso solo dances from the Courts of France. The children will be encouraged to ask questions and to enter into discussions about topics covered.

The Tudor Music and Dance workshop was a fantastic experience for all of our Key Stage 2 children. It really enhanced the children's understanding of music in Tudor times as they got to listen to and play many of the various instruments. A very worthwhile experience. Thank you.”
Mark Goodright,  Harrowbarrow School.

Costume Demonstration

There will then follow an engaging and informative demonstration of authentic period costume as worn by the workshop facilitators. The children will be encouraged to ask lots of questions and engage in a discussion about how the different social classes dressed, how the clothes were made and dyed and where clothing would have come from.

Tudor Ks1 & Ks2  Workshop

The Science of Sound

Next there will be an entertaining demonstration of how the instruments work, how sound is produced and a discussion of how the instruments would have been made and from which materials. We will discuss the evolution of instruments and show how early instruments were the predecessors of the modern instruments we are familiar with today. The children will be invited to come and have a go on some of the instruments which will include the bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, harp and pipe and tabor. We will encourage a discussion about the function of music in Tudor society, who would have played it, when it would have been played and how music making would have differed between the social classes.

“The children were captivated throughout, they really enjoyed exploring the array of period instruments and listening to the beautiful music. A great way of bringing history to life and providing a truly memorable experience.”
Lisa Rowe,Teacher,
Widecombe Primary, Devon

Tudor Ks1 & Ks2 workshop

Learn a Tudor song and Tudor Dance

The children will then have fun dressing up in an array of historical hats and clothes. They will have the opportunity to learn to sing a Tudor song and join in with dances from the streets and courts of 16th century France and England.

“Brilliant! The children loved being given the chance to interact, and it fitted in perfectly with the history project we have been studying.”
Jenny Lathrope,Teacher,
Duffield Meadows Primary, Derbyshire

Workshop Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Children’s Tudor Workshop are to demonstrate in an interactive and engaging way that history is fun and interesting. We aim to inspire children to appreciate music and to demystify the playing of musical instruments. We seek to encourage children to feel confident to ask questions and to enter into dynamic discussions and to take part in demonstrations of costumes, dancing and the hands on experience of the instruments.

We use the music and instruments as a way to illustrate and to include a lot of historical details. Children get a vivid sense of history from hearing the sounds of the day. They are put in touch with the technology of the time by learning how the instruments work and how they would have been made. Music of a period strongly evokes the time in a way that inspires children, encourages them to retain information and develop a passion for the subject.

“Katy Marchant and Steve Tyler led hour-long workshops in two primary schools. They were educational, informative, interactive and great fun. The children were fascinated to learn about the clothes worn and the instruments played in the medieval period, and they were extremely keen to play some of the instruments, dress up and dance and sing.”
Mike Alexander, Music at Duffield.

KS1 & KS2 Tudor Workshop
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Previous clients include English Heritage, National Trust, Nottingham City Council, Stafford City Council, Royal Armouries Museum, Music in Duffield, and various schools including Parracombe School, Widecombe School, Linton Primary School and Harrowbarrow Primary School. They have also made several appearances on Radio 3, Channel 5 television and provided music for several films.

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